Friday, February 3, 2012

Round Two: FIGHT!

You don't have to watch any more of the video after you're four seconds into it.  It was just the only one I could find that had the right sound bite.

For some reason this is my favorite thing to say after my break at work.  Just about every day, after I've eaten my granola bars and refilled my water bottle, and as the buzzers are sounding to get moving again, someone will hear from me, "Round Two: FIGHT!"

Not sure why I like it so much; I'm not even a Mortal Kombat person.  But it's one of those little things that gets me through the shift. 

Well, it's time for Round Two on this here blog.  I've had a few people ask whether I would post again.  I kind of let it die, mostly on purpose.  This was for a number of reasons, but among the greatest was simply that I felt I had reached my goal in running the blog, and didn't have much else to add to it that wasn't already there. 

Which brings up another work analogy (don't you just love them?  I'm there every day, so I could come up with more!).  Most of my job involves building walls of packages inside trailers.  Each wall must be built to certain specifications: not too narrow, not too wide, tight from one side of the trailer to the other, reaching the ceiling, with the weight of the boxes and bags distributed in such a way as to prevent content damage or wall collapse.  It sounds more complicated than it really is, but there is a learning curve. 

The most difficult part of the wall for me to build is the very top.  It's not a matter of reach; I have a stool that solves that problem just fine.  Nor is it a matter of weight; heavy boxes don't go up there.  No, my problem comes from being too close.  When I'm on that stool placing things as high as I think they'll go, my perspective changes.  Eventually, because I'm essentially hugging it, all I can see is the surface of the wall.  More often than not, there's a little bit of space left just before hitting the ceiling, but I can't see it until I've gotten off the stool and backed up some distance.  So, sometimes I end up leaving a gap.

Life can be like that.  Many of us just get too close.  We get passionate about something, we get involved, we get in deep, and that's okay--but there is value in getting off the stool and backing up every once in a while, lest we leave gaps in important places.

I think this blog has been one example.  My purpose at the outset was to highlight the positive things in life: the reasons why the glass truly is half full.  Over time, however, it became crowded with things--good things--that didn't necessarily work toward what I wanted the blog to accomplish.  Blogging turned into "blogging for the sake of blogging."  I became a wall-hugger. 

So I put it away for a while.

Well, some have shown interest in a blog revival, and I'm stuck waiting for my laundry to finish because I really need something clean to wear after work tomorrow.  At 1:30 in the morning, I'm sure there are lots of people blogging.  It just seems like the thing to do. 

Of course, the same impulsive mind that kept finding things to do other than laundry is also the one that suddenly decided to write something tonight.  In other words, I had no idea until maybe an hour ago that I would be doing this.  So, I haven't had a chance to consider what changes will be made to the blog, other than the fact that they should be made. 

Thus far, however, it's safe to assume I won't be posting more than once, maybe twice a week.  I'm thinking a once-a-week type of deal would be best, so that I'm not exhausting my supply of meaningful thoughts and falling into redundancy.  Yeah . . . I like the idea of just writing about what my general theme was for the week, or something.  Those kinds of thoughts would have some real meat. 

But I'll think about that later, because the spin cycle is done. 
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