Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hecho en Mexico

To save money on clothes, I've just been wearing the T-shirts I acquired on my mission.  They're a diverse assortment with logos ranging from the Texas Longhorns to Hill Country Community Ministries, and all typically start at least one conversation during the course of my day.  But none get as much attention (at least from Spanish speakers) as the shirt that bears this emblem:

The initial exchange normally goes something like this:

"I like your shirt!  Did you go to Mexico?"

"Thanks!  I actually got it in Texas."


"Yeah.  That's where I learned Spanish; I was a missionary there for two years."

After that, it's easy to start talking about the Gospel.  It's like someone asking you how your weekend went and you say, "It was great; I went to church!"  That gets people's attention, and often inspires at least one curious question. 

This shirt provided me with two or three missionary opportunities just yesterday.  I think next I want to get a shirt that has the Articles of Faith on it.

1 comment:

The Warrior said...

I used to wear graphic tees, but partly because of style, I've stopped really. The other part would be that I unwittingly make myself a target:

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