Monday, September 20, 2010

Elder Munch

Life has a way of moving on.  It doesn't stop for anyone, and no matter how hard we try to make it slow down, it ends up just catching up to itself again and we wonder what happened.

Life did a lot of moving these past two years.  Many friends are married, and several of those now have children of their own.  People have changed careers or moved up in the jobs they already had, while others are going on missions or graduating from college.

And kids are growing up.

My little brother--y'all have always known him as Matthew Cunningham--has grown up.  He's not a kid anymore.

And yesterday he was ordained an elder.

Elder Cunningham.

That's not me this time.  That's him!

It's like a changing of the guard.  I'm the old one, and now Matthew gets to be Elder Cunningham.

It's weird.  Kind of bittersweet, in a way.  But I can't describe how happy I am for my brother, or what a wonderful experience it was yesterday to participate in his ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood.  This is such a big step in his life and in our family, and I'm proud of him for making such an important decision.

So, as a tribute to Matthew, I'm pulling out an old classic that has come to be known as The Munch Dance Video.  Enjoy!

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olde.fashioned said...

Aww, congrats to Matt! (And he's got some pretty awesome FB status thingies, jus' sayin'!)

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