Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Super Smash Bros.

While serving in Georgetown, Texas, I befriended a missionary by the name of Elder Buhler.  He was a brilliant pianist, who could come up with his own arrangements of video game music just by hearing it.  He and I spent many hours jamming out together (on our P Days, of course), and I was always impressed because it never seemed like his arms or hands got tired playing so fast.

My favorite of his arrangements was a song from the game Super Smash Bros.  It was a lively, fun song, and I wanted to play it so badly myself that I bought some manuscript paper and enlisted Elder Buhler to write it down.  Unfortunately I was transferred before he could finish.

But one day in my next area, my companion had some business to attend to at the local chapel, and I was left alone in a room with a piano while I waited.  My ear had become more trained to transpose music over the course of my mission, and this being near the end I figured I might have a shot at attempting one of Elder Buhler's songs.  So I tried my favorite.  It took some patience, but before my companion returned I had learned how to play it, and I was so excited.

And I'd like to share it with you, too.  So, here's Elder Buhler's Super Smash Bros.:

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