Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1: Fifteen facts

Stacy's always sharing wonderful ideas to inspire a greater appreciation for life.  Her latest is a "thirty-day" challenge (plus one), with a blogging activity for each day of December.  I personally won't be doing all of them, but it sounds like a blast, so I will do at least a few.  With that said. . . .

Day One:  A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1.  I love to sing.

2.  I have never had a nose bleed.

3.  I hate most parties, but like being invited.

4.  I tire easily.

5.  I like to sleep with Conference talks playing.

6.  I often let my beard grow out for a few days, but it will always be gone by Sunday (or earlier, depending on who I'm seeing).

7.  I love massages.

8.  My greatest fears include disappointing others, going deaf, and losing the use of my hands or right foot.

9.  Though I like being acknowledged and won't turn down an opportunity when it is given, I always feel a little awkward when I'm in a social setting and someone asks me to play a song on the piano, because I can't stand showoffs and I don't want to look like one. 

10.  A pet peeve: people who take a harmless joke seriously and try to correct the obvious fallacy in it.

11.  Aside from regular activities, I like to spend a couple hours at my church during the week.  I go to practice the organ, but stay for the grand piano and the solitude.  I love an empty chapel (except on Sunday, of course).

12.  I will (almost obnoxiously) find the bright side in any situation.

13.  I love lilies.

14.  I refuse to use the term "LOL."

15.  I love to dress formal.


Laughter-Loving Stacy said...

:) Nice list! I go into too much detail in almost all of mine, haha. For some reason, the fact that you don't like parties surprises me- you're so outgoing! But, funnily enough, I don't like them either! (And do love getting invited.)

The Warrior said...

Parties suck...but you don't say LOL? Never noticed....are you sure?

Nathan said...

I love getting together with friends, and do enjoy meeting new people, as well. Parties are usually just really awkward for me though, because at most of them I only really know a couple people well enough that I can actually talk to them, and they normally have so many other people to talk to that it's tough for me to find a group where I can fit in. So I typically end up finding some service to do, like helping in the kitchen or something, just so I'm not standing in some corner with a drink in my hand (which is almost always what happens if there's nothing to be cleaned). I love being around whoever I'm there for (usually the person who invited me), the friends I know are great (they're why I even go), and the friends of friends are pretty cool, too. But I'm glad when the party's over and the pressure's off.

As far as "LOL," I used it a lot before my mission, but absolutely despise it now because people lean on it too much. Honestly, I don't think a person's really laughing or even amused at all when they post as a Facebook status something like, "lol It's really cold outside!" or "lol The boss found my stash today! lol." Bugs the crap outta me. I won't tell other people not to use it (because maybe they need it to cover their insecurities), but I won't use it myself. I use something like "Haha" instead; at least it resembles laughter. :)

Courtney said...


Hmm... that's not the Nathan I knew before your mission. As far as I can remember, I was the one pointing out the good in situations. ;) But hey, maybe I rubbed off on you?

Nathan said...

I think you did, Court; thanks. :) In any case, I didn't even realize it till it was pointed out to me on my mission; that #12 was just Elder Cunningham to all the other missionaries. Annoyed the heck out of more than one companion, too. :)

Courtney said...

It was probably those late night chats on messenger that did it. You know, the ones where I was hiding my laptop under my covers with me because my parents didn't know I was still awake...

Nathan said...

Haha. Good memories. :)

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