Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recent observations

When drinking lemonade from a can or a bottle, I always check for the little thing that says "Shake well before enjoying."  If I can't find it, I give the drink a light jiggle anyway and open it very cautiously.

The Swiss milk chocolate ice cream at Leatherby's took far too long to enter my life.

The washing machine never takes as long as I plan for it to.

The Spanish and Arabic names for Germany come from the fact that the "Alamanni" were an actual Germanic people.  Lightbulb!

I feel out of place in my age group.

The Uinta Mountains look better from Wyoming southward than they do from rural Utah northward.  I think Utah is just gloating to the neighbors, and I approve.

Throughout my life I have had more close female friends than males, but I still get kind of nervous talking to girls.

I have been to the movie theater at least once every single week this summer.

As long as I am in Utah, I will have to accept the fact that Texas barbecue and Tennessee barbecue are going to appear on the same menu (and sometimes on the same plate).

I want Blogger to notify me when somebody has left a comment after me on someone else's blog.

I don't want Facebook to notify me when someone makes a post in a group of which I am not a member.

Homestar Runner has an appropriate quote for every one of life's situations.

"There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it."  --Bertrand Russell

The mail seems to come earlier these days.

My car is never ready to go back into first gear.

A lot of people in Texas come to Utah at some point during the summer.

I have as much fun conducting music as I do playing music.

I don't look forward to Saturdays like I used to.  I'm more of a Thursday and Friday sort of person.

One would think Target keeps their collectible Lego minifigures in the Lego aisle, but they're actually tucked away in the seasonal aisles--perhaps to be used as stocking stuffers, Halloween treats, Valentines, or whatever.  It's back-to-school season now.  I can't find the collectible minifigures.


olde.fashioned said...

Love that you saved the most important for last... >;P

The Warrior said...

Hahaha! Very Nathan-esque. I agree with a lot of these.

P.S. That Tyrannosaurus is very kind and friendly, he must be of an extremely genteel disposition....

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