Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference thoughts

I know I said I would leave my last post up top here for a few days, but as strongly as I feel about its contents, I've come out of Conference weekend just excited to exchange thoughts--and what better time to do that than when the talks are fresh in our minds and hearts?  That last post is right under this one, though, so anyone who wants to can still get to it; but I did all the talking there, which is something I learned on my mission to avoid doing.  Rather, I want to hear your thoughts and feelings about this past General Conference!

As for me, at every Conference I hear something I really need, but this one struck me the most as a returned missionary.  Over the past few weeks, I haven't been very patient with myself.  Things are going well and life is basically back to normal, and I'm enjoying it.  But at the same time, going from my mission into real life hasn't been the easiest transition, and I've struggled to always know exactly where I need to be and on what I should be spending my time.  I'm involved in school, church, and family, but even still I have wondered how well I'm doing with those and the other things that need my attention.  This concern has weighed heavily on me since I've been home.

I had the blessing of being able to attend the Saturday morning and Priesthood sessions in the Conference Center, and I went that morning with questions I wanted answered concerning life after the mission.  About twenty minutes or so before the first session began, everyone stood up thinking the prophet had entered the auditorium.  I think false alarms like that probably happen in every session of Conference, because that wasn't the first or last time I'd experienced it.  But most of us stayed standing after that, waiting for President Monson.  It was at this time that I felt very touched by the Spirit, who whispered that I was in the right place.

That meant a lot to me; very few times since I'd come home had I been absolutely sure I was exactly where I needed to be.  But here I knew I had the Lord's approval, and now that my doubts were gone I could truly open myself up to inspiration.

There were so many great talks, but my favorite was by Elder Christofferson about living a consecrated life.  His remarks were what I needed most in my circumstances, but most especially the statement that "all honest work is the work of God."  I reached the conclusion last week that to invite the Spirit more in my life, I had to do the Lord's work.  With Elder Christofferson's talk, I realized that this work need not be limited only to Church service--but I am also doing the Lord's work as I apply myself in school to obtain an education, find a good job, strive to improve my personal character, and encounter many other opportunities to lift those around me.  This is a great comfort to me, because now I am aware that I'm doing more good than I thought I was, and I know where I can go from here.

I'm grateful for prophets in this day, whose counsel has lifted me and strengthened me every single time I have followed it.  We live in a crazy world, but because of what I have, I face the future with confidence, and know that the Lord will not leave me alone.

What stuck out to you about this Conference?  

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