Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the Assassin's Eye!

For several years now I have admired the work of AFOL Histo-Sci.  Of particular interest to me is his series of vignettes chronicling the adventures of a hero of his design: The Warrior.  Here's his latest installment, entitled, "Assassin's Eye":

As The Warrior sneaks around the offices of the police department after hours in order to obtain a piece of information relevant to the case he is working on, a government assassin from the next building takes a bead on him, with intent to kill.

 Could this be the end of our hero?

. . . To be continued. . . .

. . . .

Continued!  Now it's my turn.  I call this "In the Assassin's Eye!"

The sniper takes aim. . . .  It would appear The Warrior's fate is sealed.  He sets his finger on the trigger. . . .

But wait!  A latecomer enters . . . and crashes the party just in the nick of time!

The surprise kick throws the assassin's rifle askew.  The gunshot is heard in the next building, but when The Warrior arrives to investigate, only the lone sniper is to be found, unconscious on the floor.  A note is tagged to his coat.

Sure got a kick out of this guy.  I think you might like him.

~The Sly Pig

The Warrior doesn't know whether to be grateful or disturbed.  Who is the Sly Pig?

The gallery from this installment can be seen here.

Previous installments of The Warrior's story can be seen here.

Credit for the sniper rifle design goes to Nelson Yrizzary.

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olde.fashioned said...

Ha ha ha, bravo! *applauds* :D :D :D

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