Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew Cunningham conquers the sky

Matthew:  "I'm bored.  We should do something epic."

Me:  "I agree.  Let's do something epic."

Matthew:  "What epic thing shall we do?"

Me:  "I don't know what epic thing we shall do."

Matthew:  "How about a ride in the mountains?  That might be epic."

Me:  "A ride in the mountains would be epic, for sure.  Shall we take the car or the plane?"

Matthew:  "How about we take the plane today?"

Me:  "Sounds great.  You're driving."

This shot says, "Because we can."

More pictures:


Sara said...

This is so friggin sweet!! How much gas does that thing take? Is there a limit on where you can fly it? And that's awesome that Matthew is flying now!

The Warrior said...

Oh man, dude! Awesome, friggin' awesome!

Stephanie said...

Does your brother want to do something epic with me while i'm in town?!? :)

Nathan said...

@ Sara: Good questions. All I know is we had to fill up before takeoff, and were limited to an hour so we could really only do Park City and back (or the equivalent thereof).

@Stephanie: Haha, If the weather's good and you have a couple hundred bucks (we used a voucher for our flight), I'm sure he'd love to fly you around a bit. :) Speaking of which, looking forward to your visit!

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