Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Past Blast: Graded on humanity

From Based on a True Story, Thursday, January 18, 2007: 

Anyway, I eventually went to humanities. Today was my last time in that class; I'm glad, even though the class totally rocked. This time we all got into groups and evaluated each other's portfolios, grading our peers not on the work they've done, but on how human they are. I snuck a peek at my friends' papers, and they all gave me an A . . . I guess they think I'm pretty dang human, or something. :-P

Ms. Parrish also told us to write her a letter stating which grade we felt we deserved. Once again, this was based on our insight into our own humanity rather than actual work we'd done, but I still asked for a C or a D because I really didn't do any work until the end of the semester when I was failing. I know I'll pass, though; the portfolio is worth three hundred points, and Parrish promised all of us we would pass if we did it. ^_^

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