Monday, January 24, 2011

Real life: the most epic thing there is

Two news stories today.  If I did such a segment on this blog, these guys would be my "epic people of the week."

First, from The Huffington Post (special thanks to Natasha for the tip):

Batman. Spiderman. The Green Hornet. And now, Phoenix Jones.

By day, he may be your average Joe. By night, however, one Seattle, Wash. man assumes a philanthropic persona to lend a helping, albeit gloved, hand.

KIRO reported that Phoenix Jones, unknown by any other name, stopped an in-progress grand theft auto recently by chasing away the perpetrator.

The would-be victim, who asked to be referred to as "Dan," couldn't believe his eyes.  "From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this skin-tight rubber, black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away."

Phoenix Jones is no stranger to danger. He said he has been patrolling the streets for the past nine months, keeping what he feels to be evil at bay. One adversary managed to stab him in the past, but he said most of his enemies flee at the sight of him.

. . .

"I don't condone people walking around on the street with masks. Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we're well aware of what it costs to do what we do."

Yes, he has a team.

With names like "Catastrophe," "Thunder 88" and even "No Name," they are a part of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of nine disguised defenders dedicated to ridding the city of crime.

Next, from KSL:

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TV and video games can't beat actually doing stuff!

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