Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The joy of getting lost

Sometimes I like to grab my camera and just drive until I find a road I don't recognize.  Then I follow that road and the turns that come off it until it's impossible to take the same way back.  I end up discovering places I've never been, and new angles on things that had before been ordinary. 

With an appointment in Draper at 9:00 yesterday morning, another engagement in Orem at 11:30, and a significant dislike for traveling I-15 more than once in a day, I quickly saw the perfect opportunity for one of my little expeditions.

Exploration is the secret to making any ordinary day quite exciting.  With that said, I would also warn my readers against taking the frontage road around Point of the Mountain--unless you enjoy sharing a worn and twisty two-lane road with oncoming semis.

I have no pictures of that. 

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The Warrior said...

That last comment....lawlz!

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