Monday, February 21, 2011

When filming a hoax...

. . . make sure someone's watching your campsite.

The rest of the gallery on Brickshelf.
The set on Flickr.

Some thoughts on the build:

As soon as I obtained a gorilla suit guy from the most recently released series of collectible minifigures, I knew I had to do a Bigfoot hoax scene.  Many versions of this passed through my mind until I finally sat down to build, spurred on by a Bigfoot enthusiast friend.  The timing couldn't have been better: after a week or so of really nice weather, it snowed again this past weekend, and I began pining once more for summer and its associated outdoor adventures.

Well, as we Lego fanatics say, "Build it!"

The final concept for this scene took shape as I went through old pictures from the fifty-mile hike we used to go on every year.  I wanted to build a campsite that actually looked like a campsite, so these memories proved most valuable in the detail construction phase.  I wanted to get it just right, from the campfire setting, to the fallen logs, to the vegetation on and around the boulder.  Placement of the logs and clearing was also loosely based on the 1967 Patterson Bigfoot Footage.

While the intent of this build was to present a humorous scene, what really makes it one of my favorite creations is all the detail that reminds me of summers spent in the wilderness.  Those expeditions are among my most cherished memories, and it felt good to recreate some portion of them with Lego.  I am most proud of the campfire, the smaller trees by the rock, and the fallen, rotting tree.  For me, they are what really made this scene.

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The Warrior said...

Some truly inspired building, Nate! I'm pretty much amazed on this one, you couldn't have pleased me more.

I like the use of Chewbacca, too--often vacillated between him and the Yeti as I've tried to decided my own piece use for a 'squatch. I've planned doing a BF scene for many years, and you've beat me to it. Props!



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