Monday, April 4, 2011

Flecks of gold

Well, it's the Monday after General Conference, so let's talk about it!  Every so often I'll probably be posting my favorite talks here (there sure were some awesome ones), but out of all of them I think my top favorite might have been by Elder M. Russell Ballard.  I love what he had to say about being positive and treating other people the way Christ would treat them:

All of this weekend's talks can be found here.  I'm grateful for the things that have been said, as well as those personal things that the Spirit whispered to me during the conference that I needed to know.  I'm excited for the opportunity to study these words and apply them in my life to become a better person. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple and optimistic.  It brings me happiness and leads me to make good changes in my life.  The heavens are indeed open.  God answers prayer and speaks to the individual, and He also speaks to the entire world through His chosen messengers in this day, just as He did anciently.  He is as active in His work today as He was at the creation of the world.  And He is concerned and involved in every one of our lives.  That's why General Conference means so much to me: because God is watching over all of us, and will not leave us without guidance.  

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