Friday, April 6, 2012

Skate on

I was driving down the street yesterday, and a man was rollerblading up the sidewalk, carrying a couple bags of groceries.  I watched as he began to wobble, then attempt to correct his position, then finally lose control entirely.  He landed in the road--in the lane where I happened to be driving.  Thankfully I'd been paying attention, so I was able to stop my car in time.  He was sprawled out pretty good, but there were no observable injuries.

Someday I want a car with power windows, so I can talk to people outside without struggling to lean over and roll the passenger window down.  That would have been so nice yesterday; I wanted to ask the guy if he was alright, or if he needed help, or anything.  But the traffic was starting to come up behind me, so all I could do was smile and wave as I at least stayed put for long enough to make sure he could move safely out of the way.

He lifted his head, looked up at me . . . and smiled and waved back.  It was the type of good-natured smile that said, "Well, that was interesting!  Let's try this again."  He picked himself up, gathered his groceries. 

And skated on.

Skate on, my friends.

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