Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A night at the opera

Anyone who's gone through my iPod might tell you of my obsession with Final Fantasy.  Of all my favorite video games, this series takes top honor--not merely for the gameplay, but for the music, story lines, and other artistic elements of the games themselves.  The Final Fantasy series truly is, in every respect, a thing of beauty.

One of the greatest moments of the series is the opera from Final Fantasy VI.  And it is just as the name implies:

There's an opera in the middle of the freaking game.

Of all the music Nobuo Uematsu composed for these games, this little segment of Final Fantasy VI could very well be the most triumphant.  At the very least, it was among the most memorable.

But in the game, you don't really get to watch the whole thing play out.  See, during the performance, an evil octopus drops onto the stage and you have to fight him.  That leads to other things, and it kind of interrupts the show a bit.

You should have seen the way I geeked out today when I found the following video.  Someone took the opera scene from the game, removed the interruptions and added more animation to complete the play (in English, no less), and applied the full orchestral version of the music!  I about died, but in a good way.

To put it simply, what we have here is a masterpiece.  Even if you're not into the games, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed with this powerful-yet-geeky music experience:

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olde.fashioned said...

Hilarious! (In a cute way..) ;) Somehow a tiny, pixelated opera amuses me.

Also have to point out how your use of the phrase "a thing of beauty" makes me break out in Keats: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

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