Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hide and Seek in the canyons

Hide and Seek is one of those games that never seems to get old.  We played it as kids, and nowadays it remains a popular option when we get together for night games.  But in the process of growing up, we've also acquired new tools that can enhance our play.  We have cars now, and maybe even gas money sometimes.

So, why not play hide and seek with our cars?  Pick a canyon, for example, and send someone up with, say, a twenty-minute head start.  They park somewhere, then it's the seekers' turn to find where they ended up.  While they wait, whoever is hiding can take pictures or walk around or start a fire for marshmallows, or whatever.  Then when everyone's back together again, they can explore the area or find some other part of the canyon in which to hang out and enjoy the scenery.

Perhaps a more challenging variation could take place in the city.  Choose some boundaries (for example, 4100 S., I-215, 4700 S., and Redwood Rd.), and try to find the hiding car in that section of town.  Once everyone's together, do whatever's nearby (if there's a park, go swinging; if there's a laser tag arena, play there; if there's a restaurant, eat there; if there's a museum, visit it; etc.).

I think I'd like to try this sometime and see how it works.  Thoughts?  Takers?

Inspiration came last night when I made my first trip to Big Cottonwood Canyon since getting off my mission.  The plan was to meet a friend near Dogwood, but I must have blinked at just the wrong time, or something, because I overshot my target and ended up in Brighton.  It was a very enjoyable drive, though, and I took pictures to my heart's content.  So, for those who wouldn't want to play . . . consider the scenery!

Let's play.

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The Warrior said...

I'm game, dude! ...just a tough logistical issue, eh? :-D

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