Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 1: Unexpected things

Lydia's doing a 30-day challenge again on her blog, and I figured, Hey, why not join in?  Life is busy so I can't promise I'll do all thirty days, but I'll do what I can.  In any case, this should be fun.

Day 1:  10 things about you people don’t really expect

1.  After a few years of piano lessons, I wanted to quit.

2.  Because I'm LDS and also from Utah, people frequently assume I'm politically conservative.  Actually, I'm moderate.

3.  I'm not really that big into movies.  There are a few that I love to sit down and watch every so often, but most movies--even great ones--I normally only see once in the theater.  I do love movie nights with friends, though.

4.  I'm afraid of heights.

5.  I don't play video games.  It's my favorite genre of music, and I love the storylines, but I leave the playing to other people.  I do, however, make exceptions for party games like Guitar Hero or Mario Kart.

6.  I was on the debate team in high school.

7.  As a child, my earliest career aspiration was to be a scientist.

8.  Though I love to travel, and try to go as frequently as I can, I am prone to homesickness.

9.  After Pokémon cards were banned at my elementary school, I helped establish and participated in an elaborate underground Pokémon card-trading ring.  I can't speak for the rest of the group, but I was never caught. 

10.  My driving record is spotless.
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