Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 17: My teachers

Day 17: Talk about your parents

There's no way this post can do justice to my parents.  Nothing I write could, but it also doesn't help that it's almost midnight and I'm dead tired--only up still because I'm waiting for the laundry (that seems to happen a lot, I now realize).  So, a very brief, very inadequate tribute.

My dad's passion is land surveying, which he does very well teaching at a local college.  My mom has a wonderful career as a translator.  Dad found the Church when he was eighteen and served a mission to Belgium shortly thereafter.  Mom's ancestors came across the Plains, and she served a mission to Uruguay.  Both have inspiring testimonies, which helped kindle mine at a young age.  Neither are strangers to trials, which I suppose is one reason why they are such strong, wise people.  I've learned a lot from their experiences.

Dad taught me how to play chess.
Mom introduced me to the piano.
Both sang to me as a child.  Some of my favorite hymns are their favorites.
Mom edited my school papers and taught me proper grammar.
Dad taught me history and geography.
Both taught me to be well-rounded and open to considering all ideas fairly.
Dad took me on adventures wherever his work and errands directed him.
Mom encouraged me to be imaginative and social.
Both made sure I got to not only see the world, but learn from it.  Vacations were always cultural experiences.

Mom and Dad have raised me to work hard, play hard, and never settle for ordinary.  They have taught me by example to love learning and to appreciate the simple things life has to offer.  They have encouraged me to create and to laugh and to think.  Who I am is, in so many ways, a result of who they are.  And I can't imagine where I'd be without them. 

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